What you’re saying about legitimacy

“Legitimacy is about outcomes as much as it is about processes”

Attendees at the #FindingLegitimacy conversation in Brussels

“Greater accountability, better coordination and strengthened public consultation will all strengthen legitimacy in India”

Attendee at the #FindingLegitimacy conversation in India

Social media increase access to government action. But there is still a lack of clarity about what government policies aim to achieve and how people can actually benefit from them

Attendee at the #FindingLegitimacy conversation in India

India conversation

“We shouldn't have to worry about being able to live. We should be able to worry about bigger things. That's what reconciliation means to me”

Student at the First Nations University of Canada

“People with privilege who make decisions don't often understand our realities. They need to give us a voice in decisions that affect us.”

Attendee at the First Nations conversation in Canada

“People from round here, they’re not interested in Parliament - it doesn’t come to their mind.”

Young people in conversation at the Marcus Lipton Youth Club

“Governments can earn our trust if they focus on the citizen’s experience”

Don Kettl, Professor and former dean of the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland

Harnessing people-power to tackle key priorities

Find out more about how Andy Burnham is hitting the ground running in his new role as Mayor of Greater Manchester

“People want to listen to voices that are authentic, interesting and relevant”

Dominic Campbell, CEO of FutureGov