Toronto’s youth engagement strategy

Youth aged 18–30 are an important segment of Toronto’s population. In some parts of the city, they are the fastest-growing demographic group, and they are often drivers of economic and employment growth. To ensure that the voices of the youth are involved in Toronto’s planning processes, the city developed a Youth Engagement Strategy. The Strategy itself was created by a group of young people – the Youth Research Team (YRT) – a talented and diverse group of ten Torontonians aged 18-29 passionate about developing their city. The YRT connected with other young people to understand what issues were most important to them, and how they could best be involved in conversations about urban development. The Team facilitated engagement activities with over 400 of their peers across more than 15 Toronto neighbourhoods, resulting in over 150 pages of documentation. This process led to higher levels of support of young people for city development processes.