South Korea’s large-scale participation initiative

Following the election of South Korea President Moon Jae, a 100-day government program called the “Gwanghwamoon 1st Street” was launched. To establish a more open dialogue with citizens, President Moon invited people to submit suggestions to the newly created People’s Transition Office (PTO), either in person at one of the local branches, or through the Gwanghwamoon 1st Street website. In just 49 days, 180,705 suggestions for the new government were submitted. Of these, over 1,700 of the very best proposals were integrated into government policies. These include building of public libraries, fire stations and police stations in more easy to reach areas. Alongside the open call for policy suggestions, the PTO conducted a series of public debates on controversial and previously undiscussed topics, including the agreement made with Japan on rehabilitating “comfort women”, or women and girls forced into sexual slavery during World War II.