Singapore’s e-Government vision

With four consequent e-Government masterplans (last one being eGov 2015), the Singapore government seeks to involve both citizens and public sector organisations in a collaborative process that benefits from advances in digital technology and the emerging principles of open data. The idea is to shift from a “government-to-you” approach to a “government-with-you” approach in the delivery of e-government services. For example, the REACH portal (Reaching Everyone for Active Citizenry@Home) invites public feedback via electronic channels. Since 2009, REACH has been the Government’s official e-engagement platform, tapping on new media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to engage the public on national issues. A wide array of e-participation tools such as discussion forums, web chats, and blogs is also available on the REACH website and citizens are invited and informed of public consultation topics via alerts sent through mobile and social media applications.