Sharing data about civic work projects in Ghana

The government of Ghana is boosting civic engagement by working with the startup Transgov to share data on civic works projects with the public. Research showed that people were very passionate and interested in development projects that directly affect them, such as schools, roads and so on. However, Ghanaians had little or no information about them and before the project began in 2015, over 80% of the Ghanaians TransGov surveyed did not know who their local assembly representative was. So, the government started funnelling information to Transgov and making them available to the wider public.
Local staff visit localities and inform communities of local projects, triggering their feedback. To ensure accessibility of the platform to the illiterate and those without access to technology, TransGov provides information on government-funded infrastructure projects via its website, app, voice response technology and text message and in person. In two years, TransGov uploaded 25 public projects onto its platform and engaged 400,000 Ghanaians both online and offline.