Oregon’s initiative to boost civic engagement

Oregon’s Kitchen Table helps to connect elected officials and the public in Oregon in joint projects at nearly every scale (state, regional, local, and even individual) through public consultations, in-person events, civic crowdfunding, and Oregonian-to-Oregonian micro-lending. It was created in 2010 by a group of non-profit organisations and former officials. The aims of the projects are: (1) to create simple, easy-to-use platforms (online and in person) for state-wide public engagement; (2) to promote in-depth public engagement with the tough trade-offs and challenges decision makers confront in governing our state; (3) to provide leaders with high-quality feedback on issues that matter to Oregonians; (4) to increase Oregonians’ interest in participating in local, regional, and state-wide decision making; (5) to empower citizens and decision-makers to communicate and work together in a fact-based, civil, and creative way.