Open-contracting in Nepal following the 2015 earthquake

In 2015, Nepal was devastated by a powerful earthquake that killed thousands and flattened homes and historic sites across the country. The damage was estimated at the equivalent of US$7 billion. Since then, the Nepali government and the international community have spent vast sums on relief and reconstruction efforts. Through the National Reconstruction Authority, the government allocated US$1.3 billion for rebuilding activities in the 2016/2017 fiscal year. With so much aid and public funds being spent on reconstruction, a transparent, accountable and efficient procurement process was needed. For this reason, in July 2017, the government’s centralized e-procurement system has become mandatory for all agencies to use. It publishes data that is compliant with the Open Contracting Data Standard, making more contracting data available for others to reuse. The e-procurement system is expected to help deliver much-needed infrastructure, goods and services more effectively as the transparent and accountable procurement process produces better outcomes at better prices. Citizens can also track contracts through a transparency portal.