Jamaica’s strategic roadmap for prosperity and sustainable development

The government of Jamaica has developed “Vision 2030” – a strategic road map to guide the country to achieve its goals of sustainable development and prosperity by 2030. The roadmap is guided by seven principles that firmly place the people of the country at the forefront of the nation’s development strategy. These include equity, social cohesion and sustainability (economic, social and environmental).
The strategy has four long term goals: a healthy and stable population, world-class education and training, effective social protection, and authentic and transformational culture. Each of these can be tracked on a dashboard available online and each government project is linked to one of the four long term goals. Implementation is in three year strategic programmes and at the end of each three year cycle, progress in the achievement of the goals and outcomes is measured, and public, private, civil society, and academia are invited to re-evaluate where they are on the journey. The Jamaican government has also invested in making the Development Plan available to the wider public by publishing a popular version of the report as well as making material available in video form and on social media platforms.