Better public services in New Zealand

In 2012, the government of New Zealand has launched Better Public Services, a reform agenda aimed to improving the quality of public services. Core to this initiative is the development of ten priority outcomes. These include areas such as welfare dependence and vulnerable children, but also population skills and government interaction. Outcome 10 states that New Zealanders should feel comfortable completing their transactions with the government in a digital environment and the target is for 20 of the identified most common public services to have 80% digital update by 2021. Progress is constantly measured against performance targets and a Chief Executive and a Minister have been appointed to track each of the outcomes. Another core objective of the Better Public Services initiative is to encourage cross-agency collaboration and provide an experience tailored to the service users. For instance, the government of New Zealand imagines public services around life events such as the birth of a child, in order to provide an individual platform for people to access relevant information.