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One of the toughest questions for governments today relates to their legitimacy – how to think about it, how to solve it, how to understand it and how to strengthen it. To find answers to these questions, CPI launched the Finding Legitimacy project in 2017. #FindingLegitimacy is a global inquiry into what legitimacy means to people in different parts of the world, how it feels and looks when it is strong, and what governments can do to improve it when it is weak.

We want to find out what constitutes a strong relationship between government and citizens and how this affects public impact. We are interested in what creates and sustains legitimacy: in government systems, policy processes, and frontline services. And we wanted to give a voice to those people that often do not get heard: citizens from all different backgrounds, ages, and across all parts of the world.

CPI works with governments all over the world to help them achieve public impact.

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